Book Review: Reigntime by S. K. Levy


Title: Reigntime

Author: S. K. Levy

Rating: 4/5 sugar gliders

Release date: July 15th 2016

Publisher: Australia eBook Publisher

Goodreads’ Synopsis:

Lexie Taylor, a seventeen-year-old student nurse in tropical North Queensland, has been assigned a new patient and she’s baffled by his odd and uncooperative behaviour. But she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Myall, who, for the first time since the death of her older brother, reminds Lexie of what it is to be happy.

As Lexie begins to trust him, Myall reveals he is a Reigntime creature—a magical and immortal being from the Awakening—who will die if he remains in hospital. Risking everything, Lexie smuggles him out, and together they travel deep into the dangerous tropics of Kakadu on a mission to locate the key to his survival.

But the dangers that await them will give Lexie a death sentence of her own…


An amazing read! I’m not the biggest fan of Fantasy but this book is very unique! You can tell the author put in A LOT of work into it. The world building and character development are all so well done too. I love how the author is able to re-imagine Australia and its wildlife (with a slight twist) and produce something that’s new and unique, something that you’ve never quite read before. I learned so much more than just the importance of friendship and love.

However, I feel like the story only revolves around Myall and Lexie. They’re both very interesting characters but I feel like the story might have been more interesting if it involved more drama and angst. I thought their mini banters and flirty moments were cute at first, but it went a bit over the edge as the story progresses. There is also a bit of insta-love involved which made the relationship between the couple escalate and it’s like watching two people advance from one stage to another without a stepping stone which… can be confusing. I was also quite bothered by the fact that there was way too little Jamie in the story. He seems like such a great character and I wish I knew more about him!

Comir was my absolute favorite character in the book. He appeared a bit over halfway through the book and at first I did not like him the slightest bit, but his callousness and devilishly good looks won me over. ❤ I really REALLY hope we get to see more of him in the next book!

Action packed, romantic, and in a way very rewarding. This book might seem quite chunky at first but you don’t even realize you’re flying through it once you start reading it. I highly recommend this book to all you Fantasy fanatics. It’s everything you could possibly want in a book. Mysterious creatures, God-like humans, intrigue and magic. Oh, do pick this book up already! ❤

Thank you so much to the author herself for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!



  1. i think the review is amazing and since it didn’t have spoilers i’d definitely pick it up next thing thank you 🙂

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    1. bookishsmaug says:

      you’re welcome ❤ i'm glad this peaked your interest! i hope you enjoy it 🙂

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