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Get in touch

If you are interested in working with Cath, you can get in touch at Please specify any promotional details in the email, including any necessary background context such as basic information about yourself, your company’s products, and how you would like to work together with Cath. A media kit will then be provided. Further discussion will include the disclosure of possible marketing & advertising if both parties agree to collaborate.

Review Policy

I will not be accepting every offer I get in my mailbox as I already have quite a pile of books to get to. Please be mindful and look through my policy before sending me an email – I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Unsolicited copies are not guaranteed to show up on my posts; but they will receive exposure on my Instagram stories. Since they will not be heavily promoted, reviews for unsolicited copies will also not be prioritised.

Preferred Genres:

  • Mature YA/YA Contemporary
  • YA/NA Historical Fiction
  • YA/NA Fantasy
  • YA Sci-Fi

All book genres are considered. However, these are the genres that I review and/or promote most often.

Please provide detailed information in your email regarding the summary of the book, the title and the book cover. Include any relevant information in your email (if needed) such as giveaway details, review due date, tour dates, etc. 

Disclaimer: I receive books from publishers/authors in exchange for an honest review. All reviews are based on MY OWN opinions. I choose to reviews these books for education/entertainment purposes only.